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Firearms training including multi-state firearm permits.

Fingerprinting services via a portable fingerprinting station for various applicant or licensure requirements (examples: medical / nursing licensure, insurance / broker licensure, firearm permit applicants, etc...) or for safety reasons such as ChildSafe or Elderly / Alzheimer's purposes.

State Certified under ACT 44 & ACT 49 by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

Certifications include Court Services, non-lethal weapons (ex: baton, OC/Pepper Spray, etc...) and firearms certifications.

Arrest on View for any felony ,or for any breaches or disturbances of the peace (ex: disorderly conduct).

Code enforcement; enforcement of any local ordinance for which a fine or penalty is imposed.

Collect local taxes.

Property recovery (generally court ordered).

Assist with Landlord - Tenant issues (generally court ordered)

Local patrol of their baliwick (borough / township / city from which they are elected) in order to deter or detect; this function is commonly reserved for those communities that lack their own police services or have only a part time police presence; constables do not commonly replace the police as first responders.

Direct and control traffic.

Poll / Election Day duties.

Peacekeeping services including Patrol and Standby (property exchange).

Any court related duties as supported by PA ACT 44 - 1994 or PA ACT 49 - 2009 or other state laws or state rules of court adminstration..

Prisoner Transport (SUV with prisoner partition; seats 2 Constables forward of partition and 3 - 6 prisoners).

Courtroom Security / Bailiff functions.

Lockup / Holding Cell / Prisoner Detention functions.

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