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I am the elected Constable of the Borough of Coraopolis, Ward 2 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Although locally elected, Constables have state wide duties and authority.

I am state certified (perhaps 20% of all constables achieve certification) including non-lethal weapons and firearms certifications.

As a Pennsylvania State Constable I will serve my constituency in Coraopolis and all citizens and visitors of Pennsylvania.

I assumed the Office of Constable in January 2010, my current term of office is thru  January 3, 2022.

This Office covers Allegheny, Beaver and Washington Counties daily offering Arrest Warrant & Bench Warrant Service; Subpoena, Criminal & Civil document service; Fingerprinting Service; Peacekeeping (Patrol) Service and more (see our Services - Current webpage).

Service to neighboring counties and other areas upon request.