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 A partial list of  certifications and education follows ...

Pennsylvania ACT 44 - 1994 and ACT 49 - 2009 trained and certified as a Law Enforcement Officer / Peace Officer. Training certifications include Mechanics of Arrest, Prisoner Transport, Court Services, non-lethal weapons (ex: baton, OC/Pepper Spray, etc...) and firearms certifications.

Attended and completed Constable Basic Training at the Harrisburg Area Public Safety Academy.

Continues to attend  Annual Constable Continuing Education Training as offered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the agency tasked with training for all Constables, Deputy Constables, and Sheriff's Deputies. Locally, such training is contracted to and performed per the state by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania State University and includes defensive tactics, mechanics of arrest and firearms training with instructors including members of the Pennsylvania State Police and Attorney General's office.

Has over 30 years experience including positions as a Training Officer and Training Coordinator for PA Certified Police / Security; firearms and firearms safety training for  military personnel; civilian firearms and defensive tactics training, and training materials design, creation and delivery in multiple corporate environments. My class presentation has been noted in an article by the New York Times (July 6 2010) and several articles written for the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) magazine and website including a detailed review of the class and course (August 28 2012).

Also certified and licensed by the Utah Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Criminal Identification as a Firearms Instructor and for Concealed Firearm Permit instruction.

Credentialed by the National Rifle Association as a certified Pistol Instructor.

Offers portable Fingerprinting Services.

Holds Gunsmithing and Reloading certifications issued by Phoenix State University and is a past member of the American Gunsmithing Association.


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